As my email is already very busy and as these questions pop up with varying degrees of frequency, I thought I would answer some here to avoid repetition.

Can I ask you a question about transformational leadership, the assessment of undesirable attitudes or psychology in general?

Of course, I’m generally happy to offer advice where I can. You can email me by clicking here.

I can't access a manuscript that you authored, would you mind emailing me a copy?

It should be available here, but if not, feel free to send me an email by clicking here.

I'm looking for someone to offer expert comment, will you help?

It depends. If you work for a reputable outlet and the topic falls within my area of expertise, maybe. Feel free to ask and if I can’t or won’t comment, I’ll help to point you in the direction of someone who will.

My predatory journal is looking for papers and wondered if you would like to pay to submit your work?


I have a paper that I would like your help with, I'm happy to offer you authorship

If the work is at an early stage then I am usually happy to help. If it’s not, the chances of my wanting to become involved decrease rapidly. That said, I’m happy to hear from you, so again, drop me an email.

Would you be willing to supervise me?

First off, thank you for thinking of me. It is always nice to be considered as a potential supervisor.

I can’t promise that I will be willing to supervise you, but I will be very happy to spend some time chatting through your ideas and getting to know you. If after this time we mutually agree to progress, great. Although I am happy to hear from those who wish to self-fund their research, I urge caution when considering this route. I self-funded part of my Ph.D. and would only recommend it for the most dedicated of candidates. If you decide that you wish to self-fund your Ph.D. and I’m the supervisor for you, again, great. I know the challenges you will face and will do my best to provide the support and flexibility you will need.