My name is John Mills (PhD) and I am a researcher in the areas of leadership and moral development in sport. My main methodological expertise lies in the indirect assessment of ‘implicit’ attitudes, although I am known to occasionally dip my toe into the other aspects of implicit social cognition (i.e., stereotypes and self-concept). I have also conducted a range of qualitative studies and believe that you only really get to understand a person by assessing them holistically. That is, through direct and indirect, self and other assessment, and/or through interviews and observation.

I was awarded a PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2015, hold a degree in Psychology and Childhood Studies from the University of Suffolk, and work as a Lecturer in Sport Psychology and Coaching at the University of Essex. I am a British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist and member of the Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology.  I am also the Founder of SportRχiv, which is the World’s first Open Access Subject Repository for Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity Related Research.

You can find out more about my publications here and here. Some of the work I am proudest of can be found here (Development and initial validation of an indirect measure of transformational leadership integrity) and here (Advancing leadership in sport: Time to ‘actually’ take the blinkers off?). My work has also been featured in The Times, iNews, BBC News, BBC World Service, and ITV News. You can access my University of Essex profile here, which has access to more of my publications, teaching experience, and public engagement work.

Potential collaborators and PhD candidates looking to join either of the research group I lead (i.e., Youth Development Through Sport at the University of Essex) or the Lab I Co-lead (i.e., the Human Enhancement Lab at the University of Birmingham) can contact me here or on Twitter. I am also happy to put potential PhD candidates in contact with my current/former postgraduate students so you can get an idea of how I work.

I have also worked/consulted for a range of Premier League and professional football clubs, sports organisations, charities, schools and colleges. I am happy to support organisations whose mission includes using sport as a vehicle for personal and interpersonal skill development and positive civic change. I am currently working with the players and coaching staff at three English Football League academies examining everything from talent identification, coaching efficacy and positive youth development, through to character development. I am passionate improving the lives and opportunities of young people, so if you work for an organisation that supports young people — be it in sport or elsewhere and would like speak with me — please feel free to get in touch.

The rest of this site is dedicated to non-academic long form writing. I try to keep things engaging as well as informative and I hope you find the posts here of interest. If you do enjoy what you read, you can also find more of my writing here.